What is CRH?

CR Heuristics or CRH is a consultancy serving pharmaceutical firms.
Our offering is 360° business management in both R&D and Medical Affairs.
Our expertise encompasses globally scoped research studies, trial sites, vendors, investigators, thought leaders, and tactical activities.
This includes work at laboratories, clinics, top 5 CROs and top 20 sponsors. Phasing ranges from pre-clinical (Phase 0) through post-marketing (Phase IV). CRH has competitively enabled client programs since February 2013.
Operationally we hybridize heuristics, technology, dynamic analysis and project management principles. The results are both robust and reproducible.

A heuristic is a quick and efficient technique for satisfactorily solving a problem or finding an acceptable answer, eliminating exhaustive discovery or resource marginalization. Examples include:

  • common sense
  • rules of thumb
  • trial and error
  • educated guesses
  • process reversals
  • perspective inversions

CRH is managed by Jeremey Giltner, a pharma veteran of 20 years with a Chemistry degree and a Project Management Professional certification. Please consider us at your disposal for strategic leadership and data-driven execution.


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